Two Roads Diverged… you know the rest.

New Year- New Opportunities.

I had an interview today that went very well, and I have a couple days to discuss/ think/ crunch numbers and let them know if I am still interested in the position.

This new position is within the world of theatre.  It’s pretty administrative and clerical, which is just fine with me- I like that type of work anyway.  It is part-time (25-30 hrs/week) and seasonal (August-May).   It pays just at what I am currently getting paid.  There is SOME flexibility- meaning that I could take time during the day to teach- but there are other days with NO flexibility and I may need to shift my curriculum to accommodate the job.  It would allow me to teach probably ONE day class a semester, (Tues/ Thurs) but with my online training, I should be able to teach online classes also and those typically do fill up.  (The night classes I currently am registered to teach in the spring are empty- not one student yet.)

My current job isn’t within the world of theatre- but it has plenty of drama, which is just fine with me- I like fires to put out.  It is full-time (40 hrs/ week) year round.  I am due for a raise at the beginning of the year and hope to also negotiate some paid time off and/or sick days.  There is NO flexibility- we tried to have me leave this last semester for a day class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it didn’t work.  It was too stressful for me and for the office.  It does allows me to teach at night (which no one has registered for) or to teach online.

The new job sounds like a step towards the direction of teaching and working in my chosen field: theatre.

My current job is fun, exciting, and solid: I know I can pay my bills (including the newish mortgage and the very new car payment).

My child-driven Tricia is saying “Make a change!  Jump in the big end!  You’ll make it work!”

My logic-driven Tricia is saying “You have too much depending on you.  You are a grown-up with grown-up responsibilities.  You’re already making it work- why rock the boat now?”

To be fair- logic is winning- not just because it makes “sense” but because I wasn’t blown away- there was no shoe quaking desire that made me think:  THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!  It was a mild “huh!” and “perhaps?” and I’m not sure I can roll the dice on this chance when there are too many variables that can change or not work out.

I have a couple days to ruminate.  But I’d love to hear thoughts- ideas- words of encouragement- moments that you too stood at the diverged roads and what led you to your choices.  Help me see the light!

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2 Responses to Two Roads Diverged… you know the rest.

  1. Becci says:

    If it’s not something your heart is set on, I’d say stay with what you have now. Something more perfect will surely come along later. I’m in a day job that I don’t love, but that pays well and has good benefits, and I’d be hard pressed to take a job with less stability, even if it was in the theatre. That’s just my 2 cents! 🙂

  2. btg5885 says:

    If the money is similar do what you love most. Here is a question for you, pretend it is Fall, 2015, what would you most regret about either decision. That may guide you. Best wishes, BTG

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