It’s The Tech Weekend Of My Life.

It’s Crunch Time.

Oh, yes.  I am down to my last millimeter of patience and/or energy and the mountain is ever looming ahead.  As Bilbo said, I feel like not enough butter spread over too much bread.  Coffee, Chocolates and a General Lack of Caring about my health is all that is separating me from a massive blowout to every person that tries to even make eye contact with me.  That nagging bitch that sits behind my brain and constantly berates me for any and all actions has even taken a holiday, as I don’t have time to facilitate her nagging needs.  Money is siphoning out of my account and as I have yet to reap the rewards of my expenditures, I feel like I’m just a check writing, funds transferring, ATM withdrawing maniac, handing my money to the most persistent and willing.  My tiny house is so packed with three years worth of crap we’ve accumulated, with so many odds and ends I am surprised we had places to sleep.  And without their well organized shelving units, hutches and closets to contain them, Roland and I are currently living in a horder state with paths to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with walls of boxes, totes and empty shelves to guide us.  And we aren’t even close to finished.  The kitchen hasn’t been touched.  The office stuff hasn’t been touched.  Our clothes haven’t been touched.  The basements hasn’t been touched.  And my Jesus Bathroom is fully intact.   I lie awake at night looking at the massive amounts of things to box and wondering what in the hell I’ve put into these other boxes that are currently full when there is still so much to pack left.

If this was all, I’d be humbly finishing my task.  Like a monk on her duty day, I’d be diligently wrapping and storing and boxing away to the wind chimes of my inner calm soul.  This however, isn’t my only task as I am meeting with the myriad of people that are slaving away at the new house.  Making decisions about paint, refinishing the stairs, the color of the stones on the retaining wall, when I can get the cleaning crew in, when are the appliances going to make it in, when are the couch and loveseat being delivered.  Meeting, greeting, thanking profusely as I hand over checks and cash.  Hoping that the fixtures make it up in time.  Hoping that the concrete will be done enough to get the washer and dryer through the back door.  Hoping that the movers can get the couch and loveseat up the stairs and into the Den.  Hoping that the amount of work needed to be done after the move on Saturday is minimal at most and will only take a week or so to finish.

Speaking of Finish.  Those stairs.  Those stairs have been a bitch for my nephew and his team of fellow High School Seniors.  Just getting the paint off has been taxing and exhausting.  They have finished the stair tops and most of the banister work, but the posts on the end are being a major bitch.  They will not be finished in time.  Which means next week in the evenings, the kids will be over and working on the posts and hopefully we can get that finished by the weeks end.

They won’t be alone.  The concrete is more than likely going to be way-laid today as rain is in the forecast and you can’t lay concrete in rain.  So no concrete = no back stairs.  We wait for the concrete to set and then Jim the Handyman will install our new step unit (which will be wider and with a more secure handrail for an easier entrance for my Mom and her wheelchair ramp)  Jim is also installing a wider mail slot, but that will probably happen at the same time at the step unit…. which is waiting for the concrete.

So our first week in the new house will not be lonely.  We’ll still have a team of people working on the house.  We’ll have to take Auggie for more walks than we want because the backyard will be in a state of disarray until the concrete is set and the new fence can be installed.  We may have to still go to the Laundromat because we can’t get the washer and dryer into the basement except through the back basement door, but depending on the state of the concrete we may not be able to GET to the back basement door.

Among all of this, Roland had a second interview for a promotion that we are really hoping he gets, not for the money, but for his sanity and hell, he just deserves a little more recognition and responsibility with his work.  Among all of this, we have two clients standing on the precipice of trial, so my work life has exponentially more stress than usual as litigation in trial is not what our office is about, but mediation and settlement agreements are more our forte.  Among all of this, we are furnishing a much bigger home and so the amount of shopping for odds and ends: from the larger items like couches, loveseats, TV hutch, Shelving Units; to the smaller items like trash cans, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, linens and new sheets can seem overwhelming and another siphon away from our bank account.

Luckily, I organize for a living.  Luckily, I am Queen of Lists and Documentation.  Luckily, I can create floor plans and use an architects ruler to rightly judge the size of a piece and how it fits in a room.  Luckily, my brain excels in high pressure situations and can react and respond immediately to most issues effectively.  Luckily, I’m a Stage Manager.  Luckily, I’m an Office Manager.  Luckily, I do our taxes, balance our checkbooks and manage our money regularly.  Luckily, I have all the tools sitting in my tool belt, hanging loosely from my overalls and I can do this.  I was made for this moment.  I was made for this weekend.

It’s The Tech Weekend of My Life.  Bring it on!

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One Response to It’s The Tech Weekend Of My Life.

  1. btg5885 says:

    Good luck on the promotion interview and getting everything put in place.

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