Some Closure on Closing!

Closing happened yesterday and it was a loud, resounding, heartfelt…. meh.

I bet at one time, closing was a big to-do, a frantic gathering of funds and a long wait at the bank for a cashiers check.  I bet there was a negotiations for the keys, major flourish when the keys were handed over.  I imagine confetti and pops of champagne.  Not how it happened… but kinda close!

This last week we’ve been taken on a mini-roller coaster as the mortgage company was hitting the wire to get our final numbers together.  There was a minor typo snafu on the appraisal that had to get adjusted and Roland and I both had to sign on.  There was the waiting, as Commerce Bank needed three days before they’d process the numbers and we could technically close, and we JUST made the deadline for yesterday.  However, the numbers came through and we called the bank to set up a wire to send the closing costs to the title company.  The financials were in place and there was no great “handing over of the check” but just an email saying “No worries!  We got it!”

Our team that we built: Stephanie Dacey at STL Real Estate, Greg Benton at Commerce Bank and our Financial Advisors: The McAtee’s at Wells Fargo have gone above and beyond what we could have hoped!  They held our hands throughout the whole process and I am a wordy-McWordson email nagger, so they were extremely patient and forgiving as we had any number of questions you could imagine!  The McAtee’s gave us a housewarming gift of waiving the Wire Transfer Fee (which considering the amount of money is in “Closing Costs” is no small fee!).  The Commerce Crew waived our initial Application Fee (probably due to the fact that Roland’s dad works there) but we’ll take it as a housewarming gift too!  The STL Real Estate group also gave us a great parting (sort of) gift: A bottle of their signature Augusta Wine, the nicest card, and a gift card for Lowe’s (woo hoo) and a gift card for St. Louis Area restaurants!  A lot of which are walking distance from our new abode!  Already the love was over-pouring!  These people just helped us buy a house in the fastest, most uncomplicated major transaction I’ve ever been a part of!  All of them made the daunting aspect of buying a house into a rather easy and almost FUN reality!  I cannot recommend any of these people enough for your needs in the future!  They are all invested in us personally and that is the greatest feeling of all!

Waxing Poetic.  Okay.  So yesterday we woke up and I was jittery as all hell so of course I start making male chocolate chip cookie dough. (How are they male?  They Got Nuts! This is my mom’s favorite joke in the world. Like Mother-Like Daughter!)  We got ready and the anticipation was building.  We left with our giant folder of stuff from the House Hunt (insurance papers, home warranty papers, various pre-approval letters and every variation of the contract.)  We got to STL Real Estate offices and were directed into the conference room.  Our Lender representative Greg was there along with Bruce from the Title Company and Stephanie, all waiting for us.  We sat down and began signing.

Most of the forms were pretty self-explanatory.  Bruce and Greg went over all the different papers and were very patient as we asked questions, and when we didn’t ask a question that needed to be asked, Stephanie asked for us so that we were aware of all the different things we were signing.  We double checked the numbers, learned that each of us had “credit” taken out on us under weird spelling (Riland Herner; Pisha Duffy) and slowly signed away.  Very quickly it was all over.  Very quickly.  45 minutes at most?  And to be fair: 15 minutes of that was most likely Roland and everyone discussing the horrible plan by Ballpark Village downtown to enact a “dress code” where you can’t wear jerseys or hats except on game day.  He has opinions.  We signed and there was no fan fare no confetti dropped from the ceiling.  Heck, there was no key exchange.  Our keys were waiting patiently in the lock box outside of our new home, ready for the paint crew to begin work, ready for the handi-man to do his thing, ready for us to begin remodeling!

Before we knew it, we were shaking hands, saying our thank you and goodbyes, hugging Stephanie and Jim Manning at STL Real Estate and we were put in front of a camera and started testifying about how awesome STL Real Estate is for a promotional video they are making.  All of the sudden we were out on the sidewalk, wine bottle in hand, and looked at each other…. We did it!  We had just bought a house.

We were hungry.

We headed to Spencer’s Grill next door in Roland’s old neighborhood of Kirkwood, where he grew up.  I had a scrapple, which is awesome (grits and sausage covered in pancake batter and grilled, covered in sausage gravy)

Scrapple, Eggs Over Easy and Bacon!  Post-Closing Breakfast!

Scrapple, Eggs Over Easy and Bacon! Post-Closing Breakfast!

Then we went to run a quick errand… life was moving on… this major event and then we went, had breakfast and ran a quick errand.  We had the rest of the day, so we went to pick up our best third (Auggie) and the bottle of California Champagne from Kerry and Roderic and went to celebrate… in our new house.

This is when it started to feel real!

Using my awesome Stage Management skills, I proceeded to measure every room in the house, making meticulous notes in preparation of my “floor plan” so we can pick furniture/ and design the rooms with the furniture we already own.  Roland Popped open the bubbly and poured us two glasses while Auggie ran around, up and down stairs and tried desperately to get on the window sills that were just out of his reach (stairs will have to be made!)

California Champagne in our new home!

California Champagne in our new home!


Auggie (once I got him up there) in his new perch

Auggie (once I got him up there) in his new perch

It’s still hitting us that we are new home owners!  We are ready than ever to begin this next step as we are no longer “Hunting” but “Settling In”!

The move in date isn’t until the end of April, and we have a month of remodeling and fun fixes to get through until the final show off House Warming Party!  Oh, and the antique shopping!!! Huzzah!

New Home Owners!!

New Home Owners!!


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3 Responses to Some Closure on Closing!

  1. btg5885 says:

    Congratulations. Is your arm tired from signing? Best wishes on a smooth move in, with as few bumps in the road as possible.

  2. Love you! I am so happy that we have the life we have together 🙂

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