Big News: Offer’s In!

Yay!  So, Thursday we heard from the pre-inspector guy (Tyler) and he gave us a great review of the house.  “Good bones” and “Solid home”.  He mentioned some options for adding a half bath, but that it could be costly.  We made plans to meet him and our realtor at the 3974 Wyoming House on Saturday at Noon.

Tyler is awesome!  He give us a better idea of why we couldn’t put a half bath in the basement, the ceiling height and the concrete that would have to be jackhammered to get the bathroom in wouldn’t be worth it.  The main floor idea would be so costly: either moving walls in the center of the house, or with an addition, the brick and awkward placement would make it difficult.  It looked like another bathroom was out of the running.

Roland and I had a moment to gather this information and to mentally weigh our options.  How much does a bathroom weigh against the location, the age and charm, the backyard… etc.  We decided that the bathroom was the ONE minus… and that there will always be ONE minus… so can we continue to live with just one bathroom?  We decided we could.

Our realtor is contacting the selling agent this afternoon, feeling out previous offers and status of the sellers.  She is drafting our contract offer and we should receive it later this afternoon to docu-sign and then 24 hour wait for a reply.  Now, the compiling of documents and finger crossing begins!

I’ve also been pinteresting ideas for the new house, looking at furniture I like, and other ideas for crown molding, wainscoting, color/paint… I’m looking forward to this aspect of the new house!  Decorating Awesome Sauce!

I’ll keep you updated and everyone send out good vibes!

3974 Wyoming

The Front of The Wyoming!

The Front of The Wyoming!

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2 Responses to Big News: Offer’s In!

  1. J. Dunne says:

    We look forward the Home Warming Party! Plus, we can always, under the cover of darkness, pee outside!

  2. btg5885 says:

    Good thoughts and vibes. This is exciting.

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