Holiday Prepping, Planning and SHOPPING!

Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping.  His family, every year for Christmas, adopts a family.  We are each assigned a family member to shop for, and we each provide a gift card for the family use.  I love this tradition and it is one of my favorite shopping excursions, because it is one of the few times I get to shop in the children departments without looking pedophiliac.

I am a non-breeder, this doesn’t mean however that I have no soul and do not melt and ooh and ahh over the small shoes and tiny dresses and itsy bitsy headbands.  There is something I love about tiny clothes (especially on tiny monkeys) that makes me excited.  So, when a niece or a nephew needed clothes for their birthday I would happily go shopping, and yesterday when we were shopping for our adopted family I got to shop for a 10 year old girl.  Talk about adorable!  So many cute sweaters and dresses and jean jackets!  Plus, our little girl likes “to read”!  SWOON!  I got to pick out books for her too!  And let me tell you that children sneakers are like the COOLEST!  They get to have tie-dye ANYTHING!  My husband barely recognized me as I debated the merits of tops and their multiple uses.  They don’t give us favorite colors so you have to deduct and guess and hope for the best.  I’m not sure her reading level and although she likes reading, I don’t know what stories she likes to read.  Is she fantasy?  Is she Baby-sitters Club?  Is V.C. Andrews too early for 10 years old? I was reading Gone with the Wind… but I’m a weirdo.  We opted for Charlottes Web and a new book called Wonder (that I probably bought because I wanted to read it) although I debated with the Percy Jackson Series, but if she likes to read she HAS to have read that already right?  I bet she’s already read Charlotte’s Web… but Roland put his foot down, that she probably doesn’t OWN it, and it is a very re-readable book for sure!  So Exciting!

I love this tradition and I wish more families (especially families like my husband’s- who have been extremely blessed) would join this tradition.  My sister-in-laws came up with this idea a few years back after Thanksgiving, when we were all asking what everyone wanted and the general consensus was that the kids “need” (debate-able) Christmas, but us adults really didn’t need more stuff.  This is the compromise.  Instead of spending money on each other for things we can afford on our own or don’t really need, we spend that money on a family that wouldn’t have Christmas otherwise.  We still have presents for the kids to open, we still have small cards and homemade jams and other small odds and ends for each other.  But there is no pressure, no demands and no worry over what to get that one person.  I love this tradition.

In other shopping news, my niece Clara is turning two this week and we are celebrating her birthday tonight at my sister-in-law’s house.  I got to shop for her too!  And I found the most PERFECT gift you can imagine.  *Spoiler Alert* Clara, if you are magically reading this- you may want to stop or you will have to really fake your happiness when you open the gift.  I’ll be watching!  SO, I got her a pair of Osh Kosh OVERALLS!  Real OVERALLS!  For followers of my blog, you know my love of overalls and their function and style has been enumerated often in these posts.  I am happy to provide her with her first AUTHENTIC pair (I’m sure she has had some form of overalls in the past) however, these are legit denim overalls from the first foray into overall-dom Osh Kosh Be Gosh!  *tears* It’s only a matter of time until I help her purchase her first pair of Dickies… they grow up too fast.

In yet other shopping news (I know, who is this woman and what has she done with Tricia!) I have officially joined Gwynnie Bee!  The online closet for curvy, vivacious women!  I pay a monthly fee and get clothes in the mail and I can get as many different articles of clothing I want for my membership.  It’s like Netflix, for clothes!  BRILLIANT!  So far I’ve had a couple slam dunks, a couple meh’s and only one miss!  That’s pretty great work, really, after a month.  I am waiting for a package today for my Christmas Dress for a Christmas Party I am attending this weekend, and although it ISN’T the one I requested a couple weeks ago (they hoped to have it in, but some bitch decided to keep it instead of return it so…) there are two options of fancy dresses for me to try and make work.  I do have a backup dress, but it’s polka-dots and I wore polka-dots to the LAST Christmas Party… and did I mention it is a Gay Christmas Party?  So, people will remember… “didn’t she wear polka-dots last year?”

By the way, is it okay for me to mention it as a Gay Christmas Party?  I don’t think it’s insulting (because Gay Parties are THE BEST PARTIES I’VE EVER BEEN TO- and this includes all the epic parties I’ve thrown in my life- which have been MANY- and which have been EPIC- and which have received titles of best from other people)  It’s just seeing “Gay Christmas Party” in type made me cringe like I’m being overtly Midwestern and Homophobic.

Never thee mind- it will be a fabulously gay and amazingly beautiful and extraordinarily tasty and devilishly boozy Christmas Extravaganza and whether I am in one of my new fancy Gwynnie Bee dresses or wearing polka-dots (again!) I will be there getting drunk next to a Christmas Tree!

I love this time of year!

Here is a selfie of one of my Gwynnie Bee Dresses! before heading to the Oyster Bar for Funky Butt Brass Band! So many compliments that night!

Here is a selfie of one of my Gwynnie Bee Dresses! before heading to the Oyster Bar for Funky Butt Brass Band! So many compliments that night!

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3 Responses to Holiday Prepping, Planning and SHOPPING!

  1. bibprofessor says:

    good you learn your niece how to dress properly 🙂 gonna do the same with my 2 grandsons ! happy Holidays overall greetings niels

  2. btg5885 says:

    You look fabulous. I hope you had a delightful time listening to the Funky Butt Brass Band. I wanted to write a sentence with that fun name. Happy holidays and have a great new year. BTG

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