Throwback Thursday #24: 1992

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Translation (spelling intact as per usual):

November 7, 1992
Hilo!  So wuz up well I don’t like Eric or Brad but I still like Jason D*** and honestly he might like me!
He stares at me at lunch when I put my tray up!  Well Gina’s gonna ask him Fri. if he doesn’t ask me out!
Well I was in Algebra but not no more because it was too hard so I’m in Pre-Algebra but that’s ok!
Well our whole 8th grade went to see a movie 1492 when Columbus founded America!  Bloody but goo!  Well see I was here:
and Jason there then him Brad and Matt C*** moved and this is how it looked:
he moved to sit behind me!
Then he calls and tells me about what is happening.  It is so cool!
Well Gina likes a boy named Kenny and guess what he likes her he told me!  cool beans man!
Katie still is head over heels over Greg H***!
Brad S*** said if you look in the mirror and say Candyman 5 times a guy called Candyman will kill you in your sleep well Katie said she would do it (I was spending the night) She did and when she said it the 5 time her mothers bed jumped while I was on it.  I almost peed in my panies! Ha! Ha!
I don’t think I told you about the Milk Chocolate boys!  Well in my confirmation class there are 2 blond boys (twins) and they have dimples and are so darling.  So me and Kari a girl in the class call them the Milk Chocolate boys because they act so perfect It’s so funny.
Oh you missed the lock-in.  There was a lock0in at our school and me and Gina went we played basketball and met 2 boys (7th graders!) Billy H*** and Steve something well we did everything with them- it was fun!
Peter E*** (Christy S*** likes him) was there too.
Oh me and Christy are friends she is so much fun!
Well me and Katie have Nicknames for Jason & Greg
Smiley = Jason
Nice Butt = Greg
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Me and Bonnie are friends. She’s cool!
Anne is a new popular girl at our school and she is my friend!  I feel so special!  She is cool and nice! She is going out with Lukas (Luke) D*** and Prissilla is going out with Adam D*** a cute sweet guy.
Did I tell you about the sitting chart on the bus that we made up
Well one time Mike C*** had a balloon and put in his shirt and was acting like it was a boob and Adam was feeling it well Adam G*** was behind us with his mom and his mom started laughing really hard it was hilarious!
Oh guess what: CLINTON WON!!!
CLINTON is our pres. of U.S.A. Cool!
Mindy H*** is a sweety she is white but hangs around with black but she is sweet!
We were singing in Chouir and I had a lose tooth well we were having cookies before a concert and I was eating it and my tooth came out Mindy & Anne were like there are teeth in the cookies oh my god!! It was so funny See we had a concert and we stayed after school and watched the ‘Wiz’ It was stupid so we were in the halls sliding around in our socks down the hall it was so much fun!
Well, lets hope Jason likes me! or loves
Well buy
Asta la Vista Baby
Lots of Love
Patricia Rose Duffin
*A Page of my declaration of love to Jason D*** and Katie’s love of Greg***

Here is "Interview Day" in 8th Grade to help us practice what it would be like to interview.  Being my usual anti-conformist self my "dress up outfit was jeans and a tie.

Here is “Interview Day” in 8th Grade to help us practice what it would be like to interview. Being my usual anti-conformist self my “dress up outfit” was jeans and a tie.

Here I go again: which boy flavor of the moment am I hooked on?  Jason eh?  Okay.

I don’t really remember much about Jason besides that he was Brad’s friend and he was tall in 8th grade which was a high commodity for the girls to be invested in.  If my memory serves me, we do not end up “dating” or “going out”, and his staring at me as I put up my lunch tray was a fictional device made up by my awesome girl friends to make me feel better about myself.  Putting up your lunch tray was a HUGE event.  You had to organize the order in which each girl would put up her tray, and then the other girls would stare at the boy of the month to see if he noticed you putting your tray away.  If he noticed, then he liked you.  If he didn’t he was a loser.  Never mind that the boys were busy horsing around and not paying ANY attention to ANYTHING; the girls were frantically searching for signs and revelations as if there was a hidden code to unlock their current infatuation’s heart.  So that even moving seats at the movies could be a delicious indication of intent.  Never mind that he didn’t sit NEXT to me so we could actually hold hands or something like that (which would be an ACTUAL INDICATION), it was enough that he chose to move behind me!  Why would he want to sit behind me if he didn’t want to gaze longingly at my gorgeous head?  I am surprised I knew what the movie was about, as I am sure my mind was a buzz of potential signs and indicators of his shifting feet and his whispers behind me.  I am sure I spent most of the film deciphering each munch of popcorn and candy as revelations and declarations of love.  I was a very special, if normal, 8th grade girl.

So, the candyman thing was a big story for Katie and I for years!  Her mom’s room was kind of a special room to us.  We only hung out there when her mom was out of the house.  We found her mom’s “hidden box” under the bed with various items but The Joy of Sex was the most delightfully dirty to us.  The hairy men and the curvy women and the 70’s style of drawing was how I saw sex for many years, which is better than what the kids have to suffer through today.  At least my “porn” images reflected how normal people look.  The porn today is all air brushed and waxed and more rapey than it seemed from The Joy of Sex.  This type of exploration was scary and titillating, but we mostly just laughed at it and would hide it whenever the house settled, or made a creak.  I still think the bed shifted, although it could have been my heart skipping a beat, but something happened.  Oh the fun we would have with our homemade Ouijia boards and Candyman and all these weird ghost story type games.  I guess getting scared was as close to a sexual experience as we had at that time and the tingly vibes would be similar to how we thought love should feel.  To be young and to feel things again. *sigh*

Oh!  The Milk Chocolate Boys!! How happy I was to read them in my diary today!  They are such extremely talented people and have grown into great men.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to run into Mike last month at Pride STL and it was enough to make me cry.  His dimples were still prominent and his laugh was just the same!  How joyous it is to still be connected to people from this time period!  Mike and Paul were the only two people I took away from my time at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.  They still work with the arts and I love, love love that they made it into my diary.  Happiness!

I have no memories of the lock in.

We called Jason and Greg these names all through high school.  It was a short hand that only Katie and I were aware of.  Although most everyone agreed that Greg did have a nice butt.  It was just kind of a fact.

I don’t remember Anne.  *shrugs shoulders* But it must have been nice to have one of the popular girls actually like me, even if it was only until she stopped being a “new girl”.  Which was just the way things go.

The bus story was rather funny.  I think it was one of those moments that you realize that adults were aware of sex and found it just as funny as we did.  There is a sense in middle school that you are an explorer of human kind.  That these discoveries you are making are ground breaking new worlds.  It is very hard to actualize your parental units being your age and making the same ground breaking revelations.  To have a parent not try to stifle the burgeoning sexual emotions, but to laugh and enjoy the moment was more than a little earth shattering.  I only say this because if it makes it into my diary, I must have been mulling over the moment (even if it was only subconsciously) as a moment that was abnormal.  Yes, now I understand that we all had to go through the hell that is middle school.  However, I think it may be an evolutionary imperative for us to have the middle school blinders to really harness the emotional growth we have to wade through.  There may be an evolutionary significance to us having these moments as a singular event that only has ever happened to us.  To ignore all the advice and observations of the people that have been through middle school and to venture all on our own.  Or maybe I’m making a boob out of balloon more than what it is: a balloon boob.

JUST SO YOU KNOW CLINTON WON!  A little political break of information.  This now seems completely appropriate that I went from boobs to Bill Clinton.  Like I was a little mini-psychic.  Clinton played the saxophone… which made him super cool.  Fact.

And then I let my taught racism show a little.  Mindy, obviously, was a better person than I.

Also, I hate that I couldn’t spell choir.  I was in the choir since I was 7 years old at church and I never could spell it right.  If you love something, you should at least be able to spell it.

8th grade Tricia.  I can feel the tug and pull of high school adult behavior mixing with the adolescent tomfoolery that I was still embroiled in.  How awkward and fascinating this time period is to reflect on.  How nauseating and earth-shattering it was to experience.

Here is some find of 8th grade class meeting?  Or maybe a team meeting? I don't know but I am in the yellow sleeved Notre Dame jacket with glasses.

Here is some kind of 8th grade class meeting? Or maybe a team meeting? I don’t know but I am in the yellow sleeved Notre Dame jacket with glasses.

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