Giving Up Overalls… (or Putting In Effort)

This Lent I “gave up my overalls”, which for those who know anything about me are my uniform of choice.  I love my oversized overalls and especially during Tech Week I will wear them up to 5 days out of a week.  Last August I also started a training regimen and a new healthy-food choices lifestyle change (I refuse to say the word Diet- implying that I can revert back to my old choices once I’ve lost the weight- this is the NEW NORMAL)  So far I’ve lost 30 lbs. and am working to lose 30 more by next August.  This drop in weight has given me the opportunity to SHOP! which I used to hate and loathe, but now- it isn’t as bad as it was.

So, Lent.  Gave up the Overalls.  Which really means I am Putting In Effort. I had days (especially laundry days) that I still just threw on some pants and a sweatshirt, but I really did try to think about my clothes, from head to toe. Shoes should match, shirts and pants should actually fit, skirts should be worn at least once- if not twice- a week.  I found myself hacking the leg hair BEFORE the frost melted, and using my blow drier on weekdays.  It seemed wrong to care so much about what I was wearing and just not care about the hair.  On the weekends I would put. on. makeup.  I know, I know… it’s like you don’t even know me anymore.  But I did it.  I didn’t even take the overalls off their hanger and touch them longingly- but I will confess I had a very odd dream the Saturday evening before Easter.

It could have been the mixing of liquors as I did “not-so-secret-shots” with Shannon (because you need to remember I don’t do shots!) or the lack of a real dinner as I hodge-podged miscellaneous food items we had in stock for a quick foundation, but I dreamt that it was Easter and I was finally able to wear my overalls again… but I forgot how to put them on, and was wearing them backwards and couldn’t figure out how to straighten them, because whenever I would shift them they would magically be turned around again.  It verged on nightmarish and hilarious and I remember vividly crying because I just wanted to wear my overalls throughout the whole dream.  Wacky, crazy Tricia.

Yet, I didn’t wear the overalls yesterday.  I am not wearing them *YET* today.  This Lent really helped me see that the effort isn’t really ALL that much of effort, and that I can “fit it in”- it isn’t “too time consuming” -and I kinda like all the compliments on my clothing!  It made me realize that I like clothes, I like getting Purdy-fied, I like walking into places with a different kind of confidence.  True, I get more nervous in some ways because I am more Out There and I notice more people noticing me, but it is a good notice- I’m no longer a part of the background- I am being Seen and Appreciated!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I will be putting my legs through those overalls sometime this afternoon.  I will be wearing my normal mishmash of clothes for Opening Day of Kickball next Sunday and my furry helmet to protect my head.  I will probably have a day where I will leave the house and freak out because I forgot to brush my teeth, or my hair, or other normal things that normal people do without thinking but I have to actually remind myself to do.  Tricia is still there, under the perfume, under the mascara, under the incredibly beautiful dress and the high heel shoe.  She will still chug her beer on occasion, belch whenever she pleases, accidently fart or pee when she sneezes, say completely inappropriate things whenever she feels like it and drunkenly adore you when she’s had over her limit- She’ll just look damn cute while doing it!

Some photos for your viewing pleasure of Tricia’s Lent Without Overalls (or Tricia Giving a Fuck):

New Clothes

New Clothes

New Clothes

New Clothes

Lesson also being: taking self-portraits is hard!

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12 Responses to Giving Up Overalls… (or Putting In Effort)

  1. Ann says:

    I am loving the polka dots and your positive attitude! I am proud of ya girl!

  2. I want to rip that yellow dress from you body and take it home with me so it can be MINE ALL MINE. Just kidding (sorta). You are a sylish babe, though. That’s for damn sure. When you come out PDX way, let’s get prettified and hit the town!!!

  3. Haha. You look super adorable. But it’s awesome that you can rock the “fancy” clothes AND love who you are in everyday “whatever” garb. You rock!

  4. bibprofessor says:

    Are you back in your overalls ? overall greetings from another overall crazy guy 🙂 bibfessor/Niels

    • Oh Heck Yes! I’ve worn them a couple times now and am looking forward to Saturday when I get to wear them again! Do you have a brand you are partial to? I am a Dickies solid blue unwashed Men’s Big and Tall fan myself. They can stand on their own when you first purchase them, and they take on average 2-3 years to really get holes in them. Long term Bib-overall investment advice 🙂

      • bibprofessor says:

        Oh, good, I’m so privileged being old enough to be considered a funny eccentric professor wearing these well worn out overalls, so I’m wearing overalls on campus, at home, to parties etc. more or less every day, except when I’m go on a flight due to the security control don’t like the metal stuff !:) what brand I’m into, a lot, thanks to the fact that I have bought almost all my overalls in thrift stores in San Francisco, can be highly recommended, and I take the overalls suiting me in a baggy way, no matter what brand they are. That said, it tends to be Key, Round House and Big Ben, and recently I have got some good Carhatt, especially some really warm and stand alone insulated Carhatt, wearing at home when I’m out no matter it is freezing and stormy weather ! I feel like being in heaven when I’m out in them. Are you on facebook ? if yes, please join us have a nice overall weekend !

  5. Joyful says:

    Wow! I could have never given up my overalls! They’re my trademark and have been since I was in high school (I’m 47 now)! I try to throw on something else once or twice a week but only to appease friends and family, and those are the most miserable days ever! That being said, I’m actually quite the girly-girl. I may be wearing overalls, but I’m also always wearing make-up and jewelry and my hair is always done as well. So, despite the overalls, I get complimented on my appearance all the time by men and women alike! Just some food for thought… It doesn’t have to be a black-and-white-striped overall world! :o)

    • Ha! You have officially become my inspiration! I am wearing mine right now and I’ve found a great balance, I believe, between my “dress up” days and my “cute overalls” days. It was all about the mindset that regardless of what I wear- I’m pretty awesome! 🙂 To Overalls Everywhere!

  6. bibprofessor says:

    Joyful and Tricia, you are both inspiring me to keep my overalls on, even when I’m meeting businessmen, saying, well if you wear overalls with pride, even old men, not being farmers or mechanicians, can wear them with style ! 🙂 overall greetings to you !

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