Mini-Blog: Oh oh oh!! New Book to Read!!

I know I graced you with my awesome-tude yesterday, but I have to return this book to the library and I know if I didn’t talk about it right now, I would miss out on this awesome opportunity to talk to you about this book I read last week and why all of you should go out and read it!!

Okay, so I was waiting in queue for a couple of books which could take days, weeks or months to get to my library but I needed something to read NOW, so I thought I would peruse the shelves to find what I term a “library gem”!  This is the same day I found the Barbara Kingsolver novel I highlighted in my post from last week.  Well, on the shelf was a nondescript book that had Typewriter font, which attracted me.  It was a slender novel, so I knew I could finish it in time if one of my other books decided to arrive early.  The title is: GIRLCHILD.  The front has an old school library pocket where you would stick the card that you had to sign for the book, a relic that I loved from a time before computers existed and I would get my books from a traveling trailer called a bookmobile.  I was smitten on the cover alone, and just added it to my pile to check out.

GIRLCHILD by Tupelo Hassman

GIRLCHILD by Tupelo Hassman

I finished the Kingsolver book, had to catch up on some of my Nation magazines that were collecting dust and then last week I got to reading GIRLCHILD by Tupelo Hassman. (Tupelo!  Really?  She already seems so cool!)

This book follows a little girl through her preadolescence into her teens and I haven’t heard a voice of a little girl captured SO well since Judy Blume.  But before you get all starry-eyed, I spent most of this novel staring into space as I tried to un-churn my stomach.  I’ve been trying to find out how to describe it and this St. Pattie’s as I was telling my girlfriend Emma about it, it came to me.  GIRLCHILD is like Judy Blume meets Chuck Palahniuk.  I haven’t been so repulsed and captivated since I first read a Palahniuk novel 10 plus years ago.  It was amazing!

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk.  Just one of many awesome, disgusting, thought-provoking books from an amazingly demented brain!  Yay!

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. Just one of many awesome, disgusting, thought-provoking books from an amazingly demented brain! Yay!

So, GIRLCHILD: I was riveted in a way that shed more light onto myself than it did on the characters in the novel- which for me, is a Ding! Ding! Ding! winner of a book.  When I leave having thought about myself, my place, my personal world, because of the story of another human- I can’t help but love that book!

Now, I didn’t hear about this on NPR, and I am not sure how well received or how OUT THERE this book exists in the world.  I found it on my library bookshelf and took a chance.  So, you may not find this easily at your neighborhood bookstore (although any of them would order it for you- which you should do- because these stores need your patronage) and you probably can find it at your library (and I imagine there isn’t a long queue for it- so they should be able to get it to you quickly- and if you don’t have a library card- GET ONE- free is awesome!) but you can also order it from Amazon.  However, that is no fun.

Take sometime and find this book!  Especially my lady friends who have a mind just this side of cray cray! (you know I’m talking about YOU!)

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