The Big Blog Brouhaha





I started this blog randomly on Monday.  I realize with no introductions, no guideposts, none of the formalities that should signify the maiden voyage of such a venture.  I am okay with that.  My assumption must be that you already know me, that you have witnessed the idiosyncrasies that define me.  I need to assume this or else my honesty will come with caveats and over-wrought explanations.  Totally unneeded. 

If you don’t know me.  You ’bout to get learnt.

I have spent the days following my first blog entry thinking about what this blog will be about and how I will “format” it and what I want out of it.  And it was very tedious and boring thoughts so I decided to not really give it a formula or format, not try to box it into a timeline or an idea, just let thoughts or feelings or opinions force their way out of me and let the few people who want to enter the danger zone to come on in.

The one thing I am sure I am doing is Throwback Thursdays.

Every Thursday I am going to grab my diaries and journals from my past life from 4th grade through high school through my dreadlocked years of bad pot inspired bad poetry and randomly share a moment.  It will all be written out, scanned for your pleasure and posted with a little modern day perspective.  If you do anything- stick around for this!  There has been many a drunken day spent reading aloud from my very fraught and boy-centric diaries.


Not my real diaries but eerily close.

Other than Throwback Thursdays I am waiting for books, movies, tv shows, articles and news items that get my blood moving, my tears jerking and my brain throbbing and I will share my meandering with you.  I will be waiting for muses.

So the Brouhaha will Begin.  

Follow me below and come on the ride to Tricia Town!


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One Response to The Big Blog Brouhaha

  1. J. Dunne says:

    Kenny Loggins has nothing on your Danger Zone!

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